Esquivel! Space-Age Sound Artist a Junior Library Guild Selection

What a way to start the week—just learned that Esquivel! Space-Age Sound Artist will get this spiffy seal when it's published in September, on both the English and Spanish editions! That will put it into libraries across the nation, and into the hands of young readers who'll surely get a kick out of learning about Mexican musician and stereo sound pioneer Juan Garcia Esquivel's wonderful, wildly creative music. 

Thanks so much, Junior Library Guild!

Abrams to Publish Bio for Children of American Gothic Artist Grant Wood

Super-exciting news for my very first blog post! Check this out, from Publishers Weekly's Children's Bookshelf!


Ross MacDonald's vintage-y style is perfect for this project, and Abrams—well, they're the art-book specialists. Couldn't be more thrilled—I'll keep you posted!

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