Read Across America: SKYDIVING BEAVERS Represents Idaho

readacrossamerica copy

So how fun is this?! 

The Book Wrangler’s put together a dazzling road trip of picture books for Read Across America, each set in one of the fifty states or the nation’s capital. As the Wrangler puts it, “These stories celebrate the diverse cultures and landscapes of our great nation.” 

What an honor that my book The Skydiving Beavers, the true tale of a daring wildlife relocation via parachute, was chosen to represent the state of Idaho! 

The Book Wrangler’s even assembled an intriguing interactive map: click on a state and you’ll find a book trailer, readaloud, news clip, or other video related to that state’s book. What an amazing resource!

Thank you so much, Book Wrangler—can’t wait to read my way from sea to shining sea!

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