SKYDIVING BEAVERS Wins California Young Reader Medal

Exciting news!! The Skydiving Beavers, my children’s book about a daring 1940s wildlife relocation effort, has won the 2021-22 California Young Reader Medal in the Picture Books for Older Readers category!! Half a million California students read and voted on the nominees this year—that’s a whole lot of wonderful young readers! 

This honor is especially meaningful because 1.) it was decided by kids—hooray!—and 2.) I’m a product of the California public school and library systems. My formative years, from 3rd through 10th grade, were spent in the Golden State, and I’m forever grateful to the many supportive, nurturing teachers, librarians, and media specialists who inspired, fostered, and encouraged my deep and voracious love of reading and writing (most especially Mr. Fred Story [yes, really!] and Mr. Ed Carmo, my 4th- and 5th-grade teachers at Twin Creeks Elementary in San Ramon). In the California public schools of the 1970s, creative thinking, creative expression, and creative play were a huge focus, and I have absolutely no doubt that the seeds of this award were planted in the classrooms and libraries of my Golden State youth.

Such an honor! 

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