Here Wee Read: “Readers Will Be Inspired by Esquivel!”

Thanks so much, Here Wee Read, for the kind words in your fantabulous review of Esquivel! Space-Age Sound Artist — so glad you and your children found musical Juan’s true story inspiring! And I agree, Duncan Tonatiuh’s colorful illustrations are definitely out of this world!

…Makes an informative and fun read aloud…. The illustrations are bright and cheerful – they really complement the story well as the characters are dressed in outfits from the '50s and '60s era…. The kids' favorite thing about this book is repeating all the unique musical sounds like: “rah-rah-rah-ree,” “blop-bleep-bleep-bloop” and “squiddle didly squee”! My favorite thing about this book was learning about someone completely new (and lesser known) from a diverse background. We don’t see too many books about successful Mexicans so this was a real treat for me to read…. Highly recommended for music lovers as well as Mexican or Mexican-American children to allow them to see themselves represented in a book. I think many little readers will be inspired by Esquivel! to follow their dreams just like he did.

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