Elizabeth Warren

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Elizabeth Warren: Nevertheless, She Persisted

Abrams, 2018

Illustrated by Sarah Green

Elizabeth Warren: Nevertheless, She Persisted shares the incredible story of the first female senator of Massachusetts. Elizabeth came from a struggling middle-class family in Oklahoma City. After a heart attack put Elizabeth’s father out of work, she helped out by babysitting, waitressing, and sewing, all while shining as a star member of her school’s debate team. Debate taught Elizabeth how to fight with her words, a skill that eventually won her a state championship and a college scholarship. As a lawyer and law professor, Elizabeth learned why it was so difficult for working-class families like her own to advance economically, and today she continues to fight (with her words) for the poor and middle-class in her role as a senator. Releasing in time for the 2018 election season, Elizabeth Warren emphasizes the importance of being outspoken—of using your words to fight for both yourself and for those who need your help.

"Affectionate . . . A strong, upbeat introduction to a bold figure.” —Kirkus Reviews

"A fond tribute to a politician whose story is very much still being written.” —Publishers Weekly

CBC/NCSS Notable Social Studies Book for Young People

ILA/CBC Children’s Choices 2019 Reading List

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